The gift of acceptance

via Daily Prompt: Acceptance

She was the outsider – the one who had dared to marry the person of her choice against the united community of his tribe. That was his only act of defiance – marrying of his choice against the diktat of the elders. It was almost as if that sapped all his energy and strength and he became more meek and docile than he was before. She had to face all the hostility on her own.

It was a few months later that disaster struck. The monsoons were late coming and the men were idling and irritable. She collected the different hand puppets made for fun by her husband and created a market for them. Fancy education does pay at times – you see. Ethnic, being the buzzword, these puppets soon were doing a roaring business.

One early morning, she opened her doors to find a group of men standing there with their hand-made puppets, asking her if she could sell it for them. She finally found acceptance within the tribe and the men an alternate source of income.


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