via Daily Prompt: Panicked

It all started with a short phone call. It was her boss on the line – giving her a very difficult task and a very short deadline and then swiftly disconnecting the phone with a curt “No way” when she started bargaining for time.

A billion thoughts whizzed through her brain starting with “Who the hell does he think he is?” going on to “I wish I could have said this or this or this” and ending with “What the hell am I going to do?” Not getting the job done was never an option because she was just not the sort who refused any challenge.

After ten minutes of feeling angry, helpless and lost, she accepted that she would have to deliver and pulled her notepad and pen towards her. After muting her handphone and shutting down her laptop, she took ten deep breaths and started thinking. All the ideas were listed in her neat handwriting. Then she started toying with the list – rejecting some and adding in on others. After she had a rough draft of the plan, she called her lieutenants and outlined what was expected of them. Her plan shut up their outburst effectively. All three of them spent a few minutes working out details and she set them to work with instructions to keep her updated every hour.

Monitoring the progress every hour, she and her team achieved the impossible and she thanked them all sincerely when she sent the email to her boss telling him that the job was completed successfully in the stipulated time. The glow from the successfully-met challenge meant more to her than the kudos that flowed. Retrospecting, she realized that she shone and gave her best under stress and right after she had completely panicked. 



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