via Daily Prompt: Better


Skyscrapers are made of millions of small bricks

Oceans are made of drops of water

Neither your size nor your lack of wealth

can stop you making another life better.


Helping actions feed the soul

Giving never makes us any lesser.

It comes back in unexpected ways

A simple smile makes us feel better.


Each day we can make a difference.

Perform a small kindness that will matter.

It doesn’t always have to do with money

A hug or warm words will also make a sad person better.


If all of us decide to go the tiny step forward

Make a genuine endeavor.

Who says that it is not possible

to make the whole world better?


PS: An attempt at poetry based on the word prompt ‘better‘.



6 thoughts on “Better

  1. Padma

    True. Just that we tend to forget it in a speed faster than we read. A point I always ponder upon…why good things cannot be remembered

    Liked by 1 person

    1. malinivenkat Post author

      Apparently we don’t forget anything in our memory palace – we just forget where we placed it. So maybe if we make a conscious effort to keep such things where we can access them easily, would it help? Does that sound too complicated?



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