The pink dinosaur

via Daily Prompt: Pink

A really long time ago, and it really was millions and gazillions of years ago, a baby dinosaur was born in the Stegosaurus family. Before I tell you about the baby, let me give you a background about the parents. Now, as you all know, the Stegosaurus family are these really huge dinosaurs with huge plate like stuff on their backs. They looked really fierce and scared off anyone with their sheer size and shape. However they were actually gentle vegetarian creatures and were capable of eating through forests of vegetation in no time.

Now, Mrs & Mr Steggy named their son Pink. Pink was different from all the other green and mud colored babies because of his color. His parents loved him to pieces and I am afraid, they spoilt him just a little. He got whatever he wanted, never had to do any chores and basically lived a charmed life. His friends also treated him with awe because he was so cute and pink. He made them do his tasks like getting his food, cleaning his plates and so on. He became to put on airs and consider that he was the best because he was pink.

Soon, it was time for him to attend the dino school. Dino school was similar to our boarding school. The baby dinosaurs went in as toddlers and spent the time learning all the dinosaur skills and came back to their parents as teenage dinosaurs. There were no vacations or parent visits in between.

There was only one dino school for all the dinosaurs across the world. When Pink entered the school, he found all types of dinos there, ranging from T Rex to velociraptors. Pink was separated from all his childhood buddies and shared a forest with other dinosaur species. There was Sippo (a T Rex), Mait (an Allosaurus) and Crixo (a brachiosaurus) among others. He hated school from the first day on. He had to find his own food, clean his own plates (Oh ! I hope you realize that by plates, I mean the plates on his back and not dinner plates) and do his own homework. He made no friends because of his behavior and superior attitude.

Now, his teacher, old Madam Spinosaurus, had been observing Pink for the first month. She had seen how he was always acting superior and aloof. So, one day, she had a special assignment for her class. She told them to go down to the swamp the next day and spend the full morning there. They were to come back to class in the afternoon and demonstrate what they did best. There was to be a special prize for the best dino. Now, our Pink was so sure that he would win this prize, he didn’t bother to prepare at all.

The next day dawned. All the dinos rushed to the swamp as it was the first time they were seeing it. They loved the mud and the water and spent hours wallowing in it. When it was afternoon, Madam Spinosaurus called them to class for the second part of the assignment. Sippo, the T Rex was first – he showed the class how he could balance his body on his two hind feet alone. Mait, the allosaurus, showed how his beautiful teeth and spiked tail helped him find his dinner. One by one, all the dinos showed something or the other. Finally, it was Pink’s turn. He came on up and said – I am pink in color and so I should get the prize. Everyone howled in laughter because with the morning’s romp in the swamp, all the dinos, including Pink, were a nice shade of mud. Madam Spinosaurus handed over the award to Mait with special treats to everybody who tried. Basically, the entire class except Pink. She then called Pink aside and told him that it is what we do and what is inside us that matters and not how we look. She told him that he had to prove that he was special by what he did rather than his color. Pink understood.

I am not saying that Pink changed overnight but he became a little better everyday and soon he was a happy little dino with a new set of friends and a very proud teacher. He didn’t think about his color any more.

PS: – This is a first attempt at a children’s story based on the daily word prompt – Pink.



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