Adrift, anchored or on course

via Daily Prompt: Adrift

She was conceived in a dream and born in a bustling boatyard. It was amazing that she looked exactly as she was dreamt about. Oh ! She was a real darling – with colors of deep violet and pure white. She took her baby steps in the backwaters of the deep blue sea. She was guided and monitored and honed to perfection and soon enough, was considered seaworthy enough to step out into the vast ocean.

On her maiden journey, she was handled very carefully and there was a huge sigh of relief when she came through with flying colors. Thereafter, there were many many journeys that she undertook and soon, her captain knew her so well that she was almost an extension of himself. Some days, when the storm raged or the ocean boiled, he would anchor her safely to the shore, protecting her from calamities. There were times when he allowed her to drift in the ocean, to sail where the winds and the currents took her. However, she would always feel secure under the gentle loose grip of his hands. At other times, he would firm his grip on her wheel and direct her to a safer course so that she reached her destination.

Doesn’t this journey sound familiar to our lives? We have our journey scripted out perfectly, We are kept safe, anchored by our beliefs and faith, when the storm of uncertainty and sea of doubt attacks us. The journey of life is long and difficult but we have been created and perfected to ensure that we travel the whole distance without collapsing. There are times when we feel we are cut loose and we drift aimlessly, without any known purpose. Times when we question our existence and the purpose of life. It is at times like this that the higher power gently directs us back on course if we stray by more than the preferred margin. The same power would ensure that we reach journey’s end safely.

PS: This was an essay attempt in response to a daily word prompt “Adrift”.



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