Brooch tale

via Daily Prompt: Polish

De-cluttering. She loved the term and was forever looking forward to live the word. There were this day when the clearing goblin sat on her shoulder and literally impelled her to act. That particular drawer caught her attention. The cleaning gods were smiling and helping the goblin that day not only because she had no other duties to distract her or divide her time or attention, but also because her hoarder husband was not around. 🙂

This particular drawer had been the source of many an argument between them. It had stuff that he has been keeping (hoarding?) for a long long time – all piled on in a really haphazard way. It hurt her organizational sensitivities in a big way – all the more because he would not allow her to contribute to its streamlining.

She set about the task enthusiastically – her method was just dumping the whole stuff onto a surface and then separating the wheat from the chaff. She got caught up in the contents and it was a pleasure to put them in order. It was quite surprising for her that there was really nothing that she could throw away. Did I say nothing? Well, there was this huge, blackened costume brooch – it looked as if it was something he may have gifted his mother as a child and which she had preserved and passed back to him when he moved out of the parental home. Since he was now gifting her with much better options, there really didn’t seem any reason why he had kept this.

She kept it aside – to ask him once before trashing it. She got due credits from the cleaning goblin that day. When he came in later, she showed him both the organized drawer and the costume jewel and asked him for the story. He said it was something an old neighbor had given him because he used to spend time with her and that is why he preserved it. She however knew that it had not landed up again in the drawer and so assumed that he had disposed of it.

It was a week later that he came up and gave her an un-birthday present. A beautiful shining beaten silver brooch – awesomely designed and intricately made. A vague memory stirred – had she seen this design somewhere before? Yes – he said – it was the same brooch that she had taken for costume jewelry. All that it had needed to come back to its former glory was polish.

PS: This write-up was against the daily word prompt – polish


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