Binu’s bracelet

Binu was a beautiful girl of 17, living with her parents and elder brother, Vikram in the small town of Nithila. She was a popular girl, not just because she was pretty to look but also because she was an extremely nice person to be with. She had lots of friends in the neighborhood. She always had a smile and a warm greeting on her lips for everyone.

She was turning 18 in a couple of months – the age when she officially became an adult, the age when she would get the right to vote for whoever she thought was best to govern her country and also the age when she would be able to apply for a driver’s license. Her family was planning a modest party for her and had asked her for the list of people who were to be invited. What they did not ask her was what she wanted as a special gift on this occasion. They knew what she would like.

It was a few weeks ago that Binu’s friend, Devina had come home sporting a bracelet that Binu fell in love with. It was made of 18 carat gold and was a thin rope of gold with enameled stars shooting out across the wrist. She had never asked for it but her parents knew that she would love it. They were however careful to ensure that they did not duplicate the design entirely. The jeweler had promised to have the piece ready a week before Binu’s birthday.

Binu’s birthday dawned bright and sunny. She was speechless when she opened her gift. Her bracelet was even better than Devina’s. She quickly kept the box in front of God, got His blessings and then bent down to touch her parents’ feet. Her mother snapped on the bracelet on Binu’s wrist. The entire day at school, her eyes kept returning to her bracelet. The evening party was a success as well and Binu declared that this was the best birthday she had ever had.

Years passed – Binu passed out of college and got a job. All this time, the bracelet had never left her wrist. She got gifts for her parents and brother with her first salary. It was then that her brother gave her another bracelet – this time in 22 carat gold. She removed her star bracelet and kept it in her drawer and replaced it with the new one. It was a couple of months later that she decided that she would alternate between the two bracelets. Imagine her horror when she couldn’t find her star bracelet. Her family helped search for it – they literally turned her room upside down and later on the whole house but to no avail. Binu was heartbroken. Her parents knew her to be a responsible person and so didn’t say a word.

A couple of years went by – Binu and her brother had managed to save enough to invest in a bigger house. Soon, the time came for them to move out of their rented house of the past 15 years. The next few days were super busy – packing, moving, unpacking and rearranging. Binu was helping assemble her old wardrobe. When she was inserting the drawer, she felt an obstacle preventing the drawer from sliding in smoothly. What do you think she found when she explored that nook? Yes – her star bracelet. It had fallen behind when she had laid it on top and had stayed there all this time. Binu was thrilled beyond words and ran to show her parents and brother her find.

So, now Binu had two wonderful days to remember – her 18th birthday and the day she moved into their new house and got her bracelet back..It is true – isn’t it – what they say about things coming back to you because they are bought with hard earned money.


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