First love


All that time spent in front of the mirror

Checking the dress, the hair and the face.

The sneak peek at the other,

when one bends to tie the lace.


Finding excuses to walk past the room,

where the other person would be.

The innocuous questions posed to common friends

Not giving anything away was key.


Those quick, shooting looks,

the quicker looking away when seen.

The increased rate of heart beats,

Her blush made him preen.


All those games that they used to laugh at,

FLAMES and the ‘loves me / loves me not’

Are now being played in earnest

A heart now replaces the dot.


The world seems to be created for them alone,

The sun shines a little bit brighter.

Small joys give lots of happiness and cheer

And troubles seem a lot lighter.


The tender, unknown feelings,

the child blossoming into a youth.

All the signs point to first love.

The very best and that is the truth.





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