No – this is not the eponymous TV show that I want to talk about

Although there is lots of relevance.

Who jumps to your mind when you hear this word?

The answer really doesn’t need any intelligence.


Those people – you know the ones I am talking about,

The ones you can can actually, really count upon.

They know you in and out and still care for you.

They don’t care if you are flawed or are a paragon.


These are the same people, though.

Who would be so blunt with you that it may ache.

However, it is a two way street,

They usually give more than they take.


You either click with them immediately,

Or it is something that grows and builds slowly.

There is just no topic that you cannot talk about,

Be it brainy, barmy, irrelevant, holy or unholy.


There may be days, weeks or months that you are out of touch,

When you reconnect though, the time melts away.

There are no blame games, no guilt trips,

Just a casual acceptance, be it night or day.


You know, however, that they will drop everything,

when you call them in times of need.

They will inconvenience themselves and come.

That much is definitely guaranteed.


I hope you have some of these people in your life

If not, get some immediately before the week ends.

I am blessed to have some in my life,

My passionate defenders, my critics – my friends.







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