The world of today is full of cacophony,

Sounds that fall into the entire audible range abound.

Harsh car horns, blaring radios and television sets, kids shouting,

adults screaming, boring equipment digging into the ground.


All man-made equipment has to have a say, it seems,

servers in data centers have their fans whirring.

Air conditioning equipment produce their hums,

Cars, buses and jeeps, even while waiting at a red light, continue purring.


The lifts, the refrigerators, the microwaves,

the washing machines, the dishwashers and the mixer-grinders.

All of them add their own bit to the noise levels.

I am trying hard here not to be a faultfinder.


As if all these sounds were not enough,

we have human beings competing with them.

Shouting and screaming and yelling and roaring,

Really wonder whether it would ever end.


The most ironical situations that really make me want to laugh.

Mothers shouting, telling their kids to “Shut up and be quiet”.

School teachers screaming at the class “Fingers on your lips”

The pitch of their voices is the highest.


What all these sounds actually does, I realize,

Is drown the softer, gentler sounds that are pleasant.

A cuckoo’s call, a gurgling stream, the buzzing bees, chirping sparrows,

to all these lovely sounds, we get deafened.


Could we try to make the world a less noisier place?

By trying to tone down that which is in our hands?

Try to reduce the equipment that we use?

Avoid the use of the loud, jarring music bands?


Maybe, try to be silent once in a while?

Maybe, speak to our inner conscience or soul or atma?

Maybe, actually listen to others when they speak?

Now, that could be our new mantra.







One thought on “Silence

  1. Padma Balasubramanian

    Reminds me of Appa. Week ends first conversation he has with kids he would say “can we target to keep our voices Low throughout the day?” And he will quote some decibel there and would suggest not to exceed. Being the head to a noisy family, not sure if silence can be realised at all.



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