Society and us

Society, you can say, is a group of people living together

In a more orderly and civilized manner.

Sometimes, it makes you think. Really?

Maybe we should put up a banner.


Not very happy about the society of today.

Not very good things happening on the whole.

Toddlers being raped, women being eve-teased,

Kidnappings, murders, robbery and other crimes galore.


The newspaper or television or radio

seems to have only grim and sad ‘breaking’ news to share.

Titillation and yellow journalism actually

makes me want to tear out my hair.


Print magazines are not any better.

More than half the pages are stuffed with advertisements.

The few articles are heavily biased and opinionated

I control my urge to rip the pages into fragments.


The less said about our governments, the better.

It looks like they take our taxes to line their pockets.

No amenities that we can be proud of,

the poor remain poor but we send out rockets.


We were once so progressive and rich

What happened to that nation?

But, don’t you think that we can try

to be better, to change the existing station?


The first step, of course would be

to not ask of anything from our nation or society.

Accept that we need to give if forward

In many different ways to create variety.


Can we introduce a compulsory hour of community service

for everyone from students to the employed to anybody who is fit?

Ensure that a small percentage of the earnings is donated

and check that everybody does their bit.


Make begging a crime because there are helpers now

The law, on some counts has to be unforgiving.

Every child gets access to school and education

Every able person works hard for a living.


Expand the work of a precious few,

who report only the good and positive news.

Go ahead and get our hands dirty,

work for betterment instead of espousing our views.


Why am I sure that the common man

would feel better and sleep better for lending a helping hand?

Society, as a whole, would be changed

Wouldn’t that just be grand?



2 thoughts on “Society and us

  1. Padma Balasubramanian

    Most of what you have stated, such as compulsory community service, a part of earning towards charity etc are prevalent in one way or the other in most societies including India. Education is compulsory there too. Still, we have kids who do not go there. These are not the solutions Malini. Something more strong, more regimental is what we need. Those socities that used iron fists to emphasise these rules are flourishing.
    Beyond goverment’s interference the rich in the society should find a way to give back to the society which made them rich after All.

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