This really is one magic word that puts a smile on everyone’s faces. Whether it is the school going student, who loves a day away from the discipline and studies, or the teacher, who wants a day of quiet and silence, the office goer who wants some time for their own self to just de-stress or the housewife, who gets the luxury of getting a few winks more sleep, the doctor, who wants to be around some healthy people for a change, the air hostess who wants to sleep in her own bed, holidays in general are a wonderful thing.

Apparently, the word ‘holiday’ is derived from the old English word for ‘halid daeg‘ which meant ‘holy day’. This was the day that people were given time off their regular activities so that they could focus on religious rituals. So whether it is the English or us, we need these holidays for our various festivals. The second half of the year has many important Indian festivals and thus, many holidays one after another. Eid, Raksha bandhan, Janmashtami, Vinayaka Chaturthi, Dussehra, Diwali all come in quick succession. The multitude of people stay home during these holidays to celebrate these festivals in the traditional way, which basically involves a lot of good food. πŸ™‚

And then, there are the holidays when we take a vacation. It is quite fascinating that we choose places that are widely different from our current area of residence. For e.g a person living in sunny Chennai would opt for a cold Kashmir vacation, whereas a person living in gloomy Britain would want a sunny beachside vacation. People from the plains of to the hills and people from the valleys go to the plateaus. Some have their schedules jam packed with sight seeing, soaking in the local culture, tasting the local delicacies etc, Β (my guess is that they would need another holiday to relax from all the effort they made during their travels) whereas some prefer to spend most of their time relaxing in the hotel pool or taking in a relaxing massage. My personal choice is a balance between sight seeing and relaxation.

While a short holiday of 2-3 days rejuvenates us and makes us ready to pick up the threads of our busy lives, I feel that a longer period of a week or two tends to make us lazier and disinclined to get back to reality. But do you know what the best holiday is? Well, the ones that are unexpected – of course. You know, the sudden ones declared due to the weather – heavy rains, snow etc or a political bandhΒ or some such reason. Yep – these last-minute declared holidays are the very best! Which can be spent with on-the-fly planning for an eventful day or a chilled out relaxing session at home. πŸ™‚




2 thoughts on “Holidays

  1. Padma Balasubramanian

    Yes, those ad-hoc declared leaves are the best. unfortunately, its a rare thing in the place i live. when the so-called “father” of this nation died also, there was no leave declared. I was counting on a couple of days 😦

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