Those quirky habits

We all have them (note – this is my way of justifying mine 🙂 ) – those quirky, weird habits that started off during our childhood, blossomed during our teens and are now standing firm like the strong trees, that cannot be knocked over by any carpenter or force of nature.

Here is my list of some of these quirky habits, in no particular order:

  • Banging of foreheads for the second time if we banged heads accidentally the first time – it happens sometimes – right, that both of you look up the same time and bang your heads accidentally. The logical thing to do would be to massage your bumps and carry on with life.  Of course not – first you have to bump heads again – lightly this time – if both of you don’t want to grow horns. This was something that was told to me when I was very young – that scared me enough to start it.
  • Halt when you see a cat – especially a black cat. Wait for somebody else to cross before you do – because obviously you will get ill luck.
  • Never going to sleep wearing new clothes – didn’t you know that whatever you dream when you are sleeping in your new clothes comes true? What if you dreamt that you became bankrupt?
  • Not stepping out for something important in a group of 3 – no explanation for this one. Maybe 3 is a bad number.
  • Saying ‘Shiva Shiva’ quickly if you had mentioned the words snake or snakes in any language after dusk. This is obviously so that Lord Shiva can help control those snakes that may decide to come to you thinking that you had called them.
  • Not starting a book if I feel that I cannot finish it in a day or two.
  • Stepping right inside the house for a glass of water if anybody asks you your destination when you are stepping out. Didn’t you know that you won’t achieve what you set out to do otherwise.
  • Having a lucky pen and a lucky dress 🙂

This list doesn’t seem to be getting over at all – so making a forced stop here. 🙂



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