Escape from the world

It had just not been her day. She had woken up late – a bad start. She had rushed to get her chores done before dashing off to work. Her day was super busy. She missed lunch and made do with copious cups of tea. Her boss and co-workers contributed their bit to make the day worse. She literally watched the clock, praying for the day to end quickly. And then, she had a bad commute home. Completely frustrated and depressed, she decided that she didn’t want to stay in this world any more. It was painless and quick and she  found peace and happiness – when she escaped …. into the pages of the humorous fiction novel she had purchased the previous weekend. 🙂

Note – set myself a target to complete a blog post in 100 words – overshot it by 21 but that is ok for a start – I guess.



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