Olive’s journey

Mothers have this instinct, way before they become actual mothers. Olive knew that she was pregnant, much before anyone else knew. She also knew that she had to take real good care of her babies. Her instinct kicked in with full force – she started taking care of her diet and her exercise. Her usual diet of sea food and raw plant based food was pretty hygienic – so she just had to tweak it a bit to include some more for the lives growing inside her. Never one to sit idle, her swimming regimen continued, unhampered – giving her a good workout.

Most women in India go over to their parents place for their delivery, so that they are pampered and taken care of. Olive didn’t really remember her parents but decided that she would deliver in the same place where she herself had been born. If that meant lots of travel across a couple of oceans, so be it – she had the time and the resources to make it happen.

Her grit and determination helped her through out the long journey to her birthplace. She had many an adventure and any other soul, less determined would have given up and turned tail. This same grit helped her when she set up home and gave birth. But that is a typical quality found in mothers too.

It helped a bit also that at Chennai, the coastal town in the south of India, and her birthplace, she found a welcoming committee, formed of a few caring souls – they seemed to be expecting her. Of course, they knew that Olive Ridley turtles came back to their birthplace to build their nests and lay eggs. They patrolled the beaches, checked the nests, protected it from predators and tracked the progress from nest building to egg laying, to the hatching and the hatchlings making their way to the sea to start the journey of their lives. So that the tribe of Olive could increase!



3 thoughts on “Olive’s journey

  1. Padma Balasubramanian

    unfortunately, read the comment before i read the story. so, was expecting it to be a turtle after the first para. but, excellent one. if not for the comment, would not have guessed at all. you are getting to be an expert Malini. Keep going



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