She was turned clingy – oh, not the sort of irritating clingy that you just hate. But the soft, adoring, fawning sort of clingy that made you feel as a superhero. She wasn’t always like this though. She was born in the deep recesses of the warm earth – with lots of siblings for company. Her home was the never ending bands of undulating up and down. She was the fiery red color of the bright sun when she was born. She had a lot of baggage when she left home, which she lost one after another – here she was picked, there pickled until she turned bright and shiny. With this came the additional feature of clinginess. The case of opposite attracts held true for her.

She never even thought that she would travel so far in her life and become such a source of joy and fascination to the very young 6 year old Jeeva. Jeeva absolutely loved the way the two magnets snapped and clung to each other and spent countless hours, separating and joining them again and yet again…..


2 thoughts on “Attraction…..

  1. Padma Balasubramanian

    hahahhahahah…real good one. i knew you were not meaning what it was made to. but did not expect it to be magnets. you are getting to be an expert now Malini.

    Liked by 1 person


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