Small steps leave a large footprint

Major discoveries are talked about and raved,

you know about the discovery of America by Columbus.

We hear about the discovery about fire,

or discovery of penicillin from a fungus.


Same is the case of inventions,

be it the invention of the wheel,

the electric bulb, the power loom, the computer,

the automobile or stainless steel.


I want to talk about the small steps,

you know the ones that are thought of as insignificant.

Treating fellow human beings civilly and with kindness,

Always and by everyone – not a stray incident.


Educating your house help on the basics of 3 R’s,

Adopting the education costs for a needy child,

Spending an evening or afternoon with some seniors,

Spreading awareness to conserve the tiger wild.


Collecting old clothes from your apartment complex,

Segregating and dropping off to an orphanage.

Spending time with family and friends,

and shedding a little of your emotional baggage.


Let us try this challenge and see.

To take one small step like the ones above.

We are sure to leave a huge footprint

in the hearts and lives of the ones we love.





2 thoughts on “Small steps leave a large footprint

  1. Padma Balasubramanian

    Basics right? What made our generation forget all this and move on materialistic? I guess we did not inculcate enough values to our children too.

    Liked by 1 person


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