The flip side of social service

I blogged yesterday wondering about what made people dedicate their money, time, energy and all resources towards the upliftment of others. Today is more of a rant. I am sure you all would have come across similar cases like the ones I am mentioning.

Why does a person who?

  • donated the money for a bus stop or a shelter on the road, emblazon it with his name and picture?
  • gave money to build some structure in a holy place, have his name engraved in stone or carved in steel?
  • set up a temporary water and soft drink / buttermilk stop to help people during the blazing summer days have his name and picture on a specially printed poster around the makeshift shop?
  • donated wheelchairs to the differently abled get pictures taken and splashed in all types of media?
  • volunteered for CSR work during disasters take so many selfies and post it on multiple WhatsApp groups?
  • has done one or more good deeds speak and mention about the charity done by them?
  • helped out at an orphanage or old age homes, jostle to be heard, talked about and mentioned?

What is this driving need for putting one’s name everywhere? Does God not keep track of your good deeds that you have to keep an account yourself? I wonder at these types of people too as to what it is that makes them like this. Is that person so uncomfortable in his or her own skin that they need external validation? Is it to make the job easier for “Chitragupta” the accountant? Is it because this is the only way that they can claim fame. Whatever it is, while the ultimate aim is to be give, this sort of giving is not really an ideal one.

Our scriptures say that we should give from our right hand such that the left hand also doesn’t know that you are giving. Advertisement and self aggrandizement should not be in the soul for people who give. Is it a need for narcissism to see their names in print or is it simply because they would forge their names and faces if they don’t see them every now and then in public places?



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