Mountains calling

What comes to your mind when you see the rugged peaks?

Snow capped tops and scenarios so bleak?


What do you think when you look at the slopes?

Can I manage the climb? Can I cope?


Are you the adventurer aiming to conquer?

Or just a traveller here to wander?


Do you have a yen to prove to yourself?

Or is it just the need to spend some time on the ice shelf?


Is this the passion burning bright from a really long time?

Is it a dare? Is it for company that you want to climb?


Whatever be your reasons, just stop and listen and look.

The mountain will tell you things not found in any guide books.


You can consider her a strong, benevolent but strict lady.

She will allow you to scale her as if you were her baby.


There are times when she is terribly upset and angry.

She needs her quiet moments when she is cranky.


Then she will not tolerate anybody’s presence.

Will curse you even if you pray to the heavens.


Her angry words will cause rocks and ice to fall, cause an avalanche.

Her temper will make the strongest man or woman blanch.


It all depends on her mood and her temperament.

However skilled and experienced you are at the moment.


So, go carefully and watch her emotions and moods.

Go when she doesn’t show any attitude.


She will definitely then help you up her slopes and summit.

To achieve something that you can trumpet.


But mind that you remember and do not forget.

The kind lady who didn’t get upset!







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