Yet another word that means so many things,

What image does that word, for you, bring?

Did you think of someone head over heels in love?

Or did it give some bad memory a shove?


There are people who are fanatics about their passion,

Yet others embrace those unfortunate, with compassion.

Some brilliant geniuses, in their own fields and spheres,

Yet they don’t have a social life with their peers.


Some parents think the world of their children.

Thinking that they have stars that are one in a billion.

Yet some others think all the time of God and are His devotees,

Their conversations with Him cause others unease.


Artists and scientists, whom we revere and respect today.

Were thought to be insane in their days.

They were the people with a dream to achieve,

Who don’t care what others think or believe.


Who focus on their goal with single mindedness,

All these thoughts to be signs of an illness.

All those high sounding, complicated diseases and institutes,

Focussing on lack of conventional mental attributes.


Chained to a bed, shocked with electric current,

Confined to a room, treated worse than servants.

New research apparently confirms without a doubt,

that mental health and psychology is on the way out.


Now, science says that we should just let people be what they want.

Not want them to conform, neither jeer them nor taunt.

Wonder why it took us the centuries to realize,

That one boot does not fit all the different sizes?






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