Zumba in the zoo

This is the tale of a random zoo in a random city. It had been built ages ago a good distance away from the city but you all know cities nowadays – right? This city also had started growing like a teenager on steroids and had swollen like a balloon beyond the zoo.The zoo now appeared to be somewhere in the middle of the city.

The zoo was the only pocket of green in the concrete jungle. It had somehow managed to steer clear of the builders lobby and serve as the knowledge and education base for the youngsters and the young at heart. It had monkeys and gorillas, hippos and lions, tigers and rhinos, zebras and chimpanzees, turtles and macaws, elephants and deer and many more animals.

Now this particular zoo was the perfect example of love and devotion between man and animals – so much so that all the animals were losing their lean, mean looks and starting to look like the kids of today – the ones with lots of junk food and not enough exercise. The lions and tigers resembled mini hippos and the hippos looked like mini woolly mammoths. I guess you got the idea.

The zoo got a new director and she was absolutely shocked to see these chubby creatures . She set down some rules on feeding (read that as diet) and activity but the keepers had too much of a soft heart to carry it through. The director was not one to give up so easily and she imported a new animal – a giraffe and one that danced. How cool was that? She rejigged the public address system and created a playlist of the best songs. She planned out the dates and specific locations around the zoo where the giraffe would be housed and she was ready.

The first audience were the monkeys and knowing their love of imitation, they were the first to get onto the dance wagon. The lions and tigers proved to be tough customers but within a couple of weeks, almost all the animals were swaying and swinging to the beats. It took a few months to actually see the results but soon the animals were in fit form and the director was happy. There was an unexpected side benefit – word about the dancing animals got around and the zoo saw an increase in visitors too, bringing in an audience for the animals and money for the zoo. šŸ™‚


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