I wonder what the life of a bird is like.

Any bird actually – be it a sparrow, a penguin or a parrot.

Does it have any aspirations and desires?

Does it think – about an action – its’ merits and demerits?


Does it dream when it goes to sleep?

About a wonderful day with easy food and water, maybe.

Or about a heaven filled with worms and stuff to eat.

Or whether it is correctly bringing up its baby.


Do you think a bird thinks about the next day, the next meal?

Does it aim for anything better, a superior nest?

Does it compare with other birds, friends, brothers or sisters?

Try to see if it could be the best?


I am sure that birds feel emotion – pain, loss and grief.

Do they feel happiness too, as well as peace?

Do they learn from their lessons, process the information?

Do they worry about things or take things with ease?


Ever noticed how we have never seen a really fat or a skinny bird.

How do they manage to eat and exercise right?

A survey said that these creatures are extremely intelligent.

They find their ways to their homes every night.


They obviously know how to communicate.

Their special language is something that is not yet understood.

Every species has their own language.

Which the chicks learn right for their own good.


There was a wonderful article that I read recently.

Talked about how we never see a bird’s dead body.

Explained that birds knew when they were going to die.

So flew above the ether to disintegrate – says somebody.


A fantastic thought occurs to me just now.

What if the birds were super intelligent creatures,

Capable of understanding us and our lives,

Our languages and all the other features?


Do you think they are laughing at us,

Wasting our lives fretting at this and that?

When they being so much smaller in size,

act so much better and not as brats.


The calls that we hear and regard as musical.

Are they just laughter or chuckles at our expense?

Are they controlling their urge to speak our language

and give us two bits of common sense?


Just as we are studying their behavior.

Trying to understand their habits and evolution.

Are they also quietly studying us,

making their own decisions and conclusions?







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