Tiptoeing or Stomping

I am trying to understand which approach would be better – the subtle tiptoeing through the problem at hand or the Big Bang blow out approach. By tiptoeing, I mean pussyfooting though the problem. If we consider the issue at hand to be like the swimming pool, then the approach to entering the pool is two ways – one is getting the feet wet sitting on the edges, then stepping down in the narrow end of the pool getting wet uptown the waist and then slowly easing into the water, the second one is to take a flying dive right into the pool. The  first approach is what I call the tiptoeing approach and the second one is the stomping one.

This simile can be extended to life in general and any problems in particular. It would be interesting to understand the type of. people who choose one approach over the other. Is there a mix of both the personalities in the same person and does one personality dominate?

The first type of person walks a circumference around the problem, gauging the size and extent, looking at places where there are some leeways to get in, pondering and thunking, gathering strength and ammunition and then sneaking in and starting the assault.

The second type doesn’t have the patience for all this. When they see something in their path, they want to just blast it off. If they cannot, they just wade right in and then try to puncture it from the inside.

We see the different approaches in the animal kingdom too. There are some animals that are stealthy and clever and others that pounce before they think. I guess both approaches are good depending on what you need to face. If you were answering a dare, I guess the stomping approach is best to beat any fear or apprehension. However if you are looking at resolving some particularly complex life puzzle, the tiptoeing approach is going to work better.

Of course there is a third type of people – the do-nothing-and-the-problem-will-go-away people. You know them – right? In the first case, they may even deny that there is an issue and even if they acknowledge it, they would not do anything to try to resolve or fix it. This unfortunately is not a minority and compared to them, I would prefer approach 1 or 2 anytime. And did you realize there was a corporate lesson in there? 🙂



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