“The older you are, the wiser you get.”

Haven’t you all heard this repeated often?

When you all were very young, I bet.

With ideas and thoughts varied and not so common.


It was meant to act as a brake for your actions.

Said by somebody older but not necessarily wiser.

A word, a sentence, a paragraph of caution.

Said by people who appoint themselves as your advisers.


While sometimes, it makes sense and seems sane.

To use their experience and not reinvent the wheel.

But some times, there seems to be no gain.

There won’t be anything exciting, no big deal.


What if everybody listened to the elders’ words?

“This is how we have already done things.”

Would new things have been invented or discovered?

Would we have had so many hits or wins?


“Better is old wine than new, and old friends likewise.”

Another one of those statements that are constantly thrown around.

Old friends or new, they both take you up high.

But old wine spoils – and should not be so renowned.


While I get that sometimes experience and age does really matter.

Other times, I feel that the young have the fire in their bellies.

Not dampened by the issues of memory loss or loss of speed in any manner.

Or restricted by fear of falling down or the clutter in their mind-libraries.


Wonder why we stop questioning and asking and probing?

As we advance in years and become more and mature.

Is it that we feel that we are all-knowing and hence accepting?

Feel we have endured everything and finished life’s grand tour.


Or is it because that we are a tiny bit jealous?

Of youth and their unbounded ideas and imagination?

Want to tag them as wayward, stupid and reckless,

so that they cannot go ahead with their art and creation.


Instead of reminiscing and looking back at the ‘good old days’,

can we look at creating new memories, new experiences?

Question anew, seek afresh, give ourselves a boost, a raise?

Goof around, have fun, not always be in a state of seriousness.


This surely is going to completely change the mentality & the outlook.

The so-called elders will have a lot to do, no time to reminisce.

There will be lots more of art & crafts, inventions and books.

We would all ideally be in a constant state of bliss.







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