Silent sacrifice

We never recognize them, neither do we acknowledge them.

It comes from friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues or chums.

Why don’t we even think about them once or twice?

Those myriad, small acts of silent sacrifice.


The small boy, who gives up his sweet for his younger sibling,

The young girl, who owns up to somebody else’ scribbling.

The friend, who lets go the chance to be the class monitor.

Yet another, who chooses not to be the most popular.


The mother, who says she doesn’t like that dish her child loves.

Again, when she never makes dishes that she likes but nobody else does.

The silent endeavors to run the home without a hint of complaint.

Of those long hours, the grueling schedule or the body pain.


The father, who has so many issues on his plate.

Still manages to remember and commemorate all important dates.

Ignores that small window of rest and relaxation he desires.

Uses that time to be with his kids, not showing that he is tired.


The teen who is no longer a child not a grown up yet.

Who cares enough to give his parents some rest.

Giving up that party, that chance of socializing.

Saying he wants to catch up on his reading or game playing.


The friend who says that she just needs that piece of cake.

Just so that your diet doesn’t take a break.

Or the one who drops in to just lend a ear or a hand.

without any mention of canceling all that she had planned.


The colleague, who takes in your work when you have to leave early.

Doesn’t bother to mention about his schedule or leaves it a bit blurry.

Or the one who is always willing to come with you on your tea break.

Postponing that urgent task, that project, for your sake.


What about the random stranger, who smiles and lets you ahead?

When you would never have asked but waited patiently instead.

Or the one who gives up his or her seat on the train or bus.

Or offers to hold your backpack without any fuss.


Each one of them suffers some inconvenience. which may be small.

The suffering and the pain they undertake, let us try to acknowledge it all.

The small act of caring, the making of a small slice of paradise.

Let us give due weight-age to every small sacrifice.










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