A large area of land that is populated by trees.

That is the definition of forests that the internet gives me.

Doesn’t mention anything about the clean air and cool breeze.

Or the dozens of animals, birds, bugs and bees.


It looks to me that the forest can be equated to a large extended family.

Parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles and babies.

Everyone having a very distinct and specific personality.

Living together with some subdued tensions but overall harmony.


You know about that cousin who wants to get out and just flee.

Or his parents who bind him down, don’t let him free.

Afraid that he may fail at being a star and stay just a wannabe.

Some trees are there, that restrict the growth of their kids – these species.


Or that uncle who doesn’t want to reinvent the wheel.

Just follows the herd, doesn’t think too much or feel.

Life is so smooth and predictable – no big deal.

Some shrubs and herbs grow like that – even and contained, internally sealed.


Consider that rebellious, wildly independent brother or sister

Wants to create new paths, build new castles with loads of glitter.

Seen those aggressive, tall trees all alone – straight as a trigger?

Yes – they are the same in spirit – brave, loners and fighters.


We have all seen toddlers throwing tantrums at odd places,

Kicking and screaming and howling with beet-red faces.

I liken them to the wild shrubs that spring out in all phases.

Uncontrollable – difficult to manage and outrageous.


I could go on and on about the similarities.

Between the forests and extended families.

The differences of every individual personality.

Constitutes the entire whole and is the basis of united commonality.








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