The wedding that lasts

She was born high up in the mountains. The surroundings were pristine – the sharp, clean air, the lovely snow and the majestic peaks made a picture post card background. It is a wonder that somebody would want to leave this heaven like place and want to come down to the plains. But that was exactly what she wanted to do.

She started off as a tiny one and then started growing. Although her size kept growing, she had the grace and the beauty to carry it. She learnt to crawl, toddle, walk and then she started racing. It was dizzying just watching her fly down the mountains. God only knew why she was in such a tearing hurry to leave her home. Her voice changed too – from the sweet tinkling that she was born with, it graduated to a gurgling and then as her speed increased, it changed to a deafening roar.

It was after she reached the plains, that she started picking up stuff along the way. She had heard about the big, bad world and how it would really ruin her but coming from a clean environment gave her no indication of what was to come. She didn’t realise that everybody would be out to ruin her. A stain here, a smell there, and so on. She became a bit sadder everyday as her burdens grew. She couldn’t understand why she was being treated so unfairly. It was not as if she was bothering anybody. More often than not, she was helping out everyone that she met in her way.

She also realised that her carefree youth also seemed to be slipping away from her. She was becoming a bit sluggish and slow. Just when she would think that she could finally break free and run, then the men would corral her and contain her. It was so frustrating that she wanted to weep.

Somewhere along this time, she started having self doubts. Her speed gone, her beauty marred, all the added burdens – was this really her? She desperately wanted a partner for company – somebody who would accept her with her burdens and stains and all. But the self doubts were strong. Who could ever love her when she hated herself?

Weary and exhausted, just when she had given up all hope, she met him. Somebody who embraced her with all her imperfections and absorbed it, gave her shelter so that she was completely absorbed in him, ensured that all her burdens were simply smoothed away. She was so glad and relieved that she didn’t even mind that her character was completely subdued and she completely lost her identity. She was content and happy to just be with him. Of course, she said yes, when he proposed.

Another small wonder was that some of the people realised her plight and started helping her clean herself. Her husband was very kind too and she really had nor Eason for distress. She began to smile a bit again and everybody agreed that this was a match made in heaven. Although she was still traumatised from her past, things were looking up. It helped no end, that her marriage was so wonderful, accommodating and understanding.

The one romantic story that will stand the test of time is the marriage between the dirty, sodden river with the vast ocean. Don’t you wish you had such a thing in your lives?


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