Learning and study….

via Daily Prompt: Study

Learning is the easiest part of acquiring knowledge.

All you have to do is have the interest and inclination.

It does not mean going to school or college.

Or preparing for or passing any examination.


The best kind of learning is when we pursue our passion.

Really try to understand the working and the detailing.

Mostly because we need to know and understand to take further action.

On whether the topic or idea is losing its grip on us or is still engaging.


The next step of course is when we commit ourselves the the learning.

Go further – delve deeper – flesh out the body.

Repetition and tirelessness. Curiosity and eagerness – be it evening or morning.

Now that defines the meaning of study.


The current mode of education though stresses on study and more study.

Sadly there is no sign of the passion being kindled.

The depths of knowledge are stirred and shaken –  muddied.

Enough to make the low interest levels of the kids further dwindle.


Education can and should be more fun and lively.

Everyone should love the idea of learning something new each day.

Instead of the dread of examinations and censure and homework nightly.

Wonder what can be done to make kids learn in a really better way.


A complete mindset change would be a drastic improvement.

Less stress on grades and more importance to knowledge gained.

More emphasis on character moulding and self enhancement.

More credit to intangible details that can be explained.


I wonder if this is some random illusion that I am dreaming about.

Or is this something that we can actually convert into reality?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful for the next gen kids to check this out?

Can we gift such an experience to them – such a study?







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