via Daily Prompt: Agile

We have all seen those TV channels showing the lithe cheetah or the tiger.

Sprinting gracefully and powerfully across the screen.

Chasing down the hapless deer or fawn – with no visible signs of getting tired.

That final pounce, the slow motion and the freezing of that scene.


Noticed how suddenly the deer, suddenly takes a detour.

The predator, realises a tad bit too late of the wrong path it is traversing.

Takes a quick self check, changes course and continues with a stride so sure.

It looks as if it knows that it is a matter of time before it ends the chasing.


Have you faced that all too common feeling of indecision?

Multiple choices – whether they are of clothes or jobs or places to eat.

Then suddenly, amidst the clutter, you see a vision.

You decide what you want without missing a beat.


That single mindedness, that focus and purpose.

The ability to completely reverse the decision, once you realise that it was not ok.

The speed, the acceptance of mistakes and the suppression of any nerves.

That finesse of mind to keep trivial things at bay.


How can we cultivate this ability, make it ours as second nature?

It is not just the speed and the vigour, it is in the precision and the focus.

In order to succeed in our profession and life, this is such a desired feature.

How can we all become agile and therefore get noticed?



5 thoughts on “Agile

  1. Padma Balasubramanian

    I guess depends on the finesse we achieve in the precision and focus is what plays a key part in our jobs as well as at home. To me, I exert this more at home than at work. Naturally in what matters most. So will never be a CEO 😞😞

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