The entrance of a new person into your life,

Is a fresh event, marked with oodles of novelty.

Be it friend, acquaintance, husband or wife.

The initial moments have a lot of doubt and uncertainty..


The early times, the budding stages of any relationship.

When you are just getting to know the complete person.

When you are not aware if the signals function or are a blip.

When you don’t know if the bonds will strengthen or worsen.


The foot steps then are gentle, the tread exploring and cautious.

The paths unfamiliar, the areas and locality unknown.

They tread softly, uncertainly, every step conscious.

When you don’t know if the paths in future will be walked together or alone.


The next stage is the best part, the world looks rose coloured.

The faults of the other person are not acknowledged.

He or she looks like perfection, a cocoon of love and caring covers.

The words are golden, the actions are accepted, unchallenged.


This is the period when the footsteps get firmer.

The tread is steady, there is no hesitation or stumbling.

The imprints left are deeply outlined and are clearer.

The trust and companionship is really humbling.


Now, of course, as the relationship progresses.

Goes on to the steady state and certainly the longest plateau.

Every action taken for granted, the closeness and sharing precious.

The faults accepted, the sparks settling into a warm glow.


The footsteps follow a known path, the well worn one.

No surprises here, one can walk down blindfolded.

The potholes are familiar, the obstacles known.

The burden familiar and easy, even though your backpack is loaded.


However, sometimes when the next cruel stage approaches.

The one of strife, misunderstandings and miscommunication.

When one feels that the other encroaches.

Really sad to see the relationship’s erosion and degradation.


The footsteps now are stomping and furious.

Trampling every little thing that is on the way.

Decimating, shorn of gentleness, uncaring and oblivious.

Hurting and wanting to make the other pay.


I guess the trick that should be taught as part of life’s lessons.

Should be one on how to stay on the steady plateau.

Keep building and making that phase continue without questions.

Stop the slippery slide down and strive to make the relationship grow.


Apart from reading and writing and arithmetic.

Why cannot we learn the actual meaning of life?

So that we can all make our lives epic.

As a large, contented family without any strife.



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