A parallel universe exists along with the physical world.

One that is bundled up tightly and needs to be unfurled.

One that cannot be seen as opposed to the one that can be.

One that swings us from despair to zen to glee.


Let us get the negative ones out of the way first.

The ones that beat us up, bring out our worst.

Anger, scorn, condemnation, abuse form the outer layer.

They can be accessed by even a rookie player.


So easy to access, so easy to acquire and use.

These emotions dominate in the cowards and the brutes.

The people who are lazy to unravel the whole.

Those who don’t look at searching their souls.


Then, there are those people who make an effort.

Try to unravel the ball, get into the fort.

To access all the good emotions – caring, sharing, love, affection.

They aim for bliss, joy and perfection.


They understand the nuances of reaching out and empathy.

Have mastered the art of giving and ministering sympathy.

They always instinctively know what to say and what to do.

They are right mostly even without thinking things through.


The third category of people are the ones who are the real achievers.

They have burrowed through the huge ball like eager beavers.

Reaching into the juicy kernel and picking up the best parts.

They have gone straight deep, deep into hearts.


The calm, the zen, the peace and the wonderful attitude.

The contentment with which life is viewed.

The lack of desires, the lack of selfishness and greed.

The knowledge gained that life is not all about need.


Different types of people abound in the world that we know.

Some saying yes when they want to say no.

All depends on how much effort they have spent on solutions.

Unraveling, evoking and using the wonderful ball of emotions.



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