Episode 10 – Shirke and Minok

Shirke was supremely excited that Minok was in the same class and school as him. Although they were the same age and colouring, they were totally different characters. Shirke was subdued and calm, Minok was animated and excitable. Shirke preferred staying in one place and lounging about, Minok wanted to be in three places at the same time. Shirke preferred intellectual pursuits, Minok preferred physical games. However the surprising part was that they got along like a house on fire.

Each adapted very well to the other – taking a little bit of the others’ personality while retaining the essence of their own. Guess that is the advantage of kids all over – right? Shirke and Minok made elaborate plans on how they would trick their classmates. The plans were actually not required since all they decided was that they would always behave as if they were not the person addressed. For example, if Shirke was called Shirke, he would say that he was Minok. Alternately, if he was called Minok, he would say he was Shirke. The same applied to Minok.

It, being Minok’s first day, Lekni had accompanied him because she was supposed to introduce him to the teachers and the principal. Shirke hung around the office waiting for Minok to emerge after meeting the principal and the teachers, instead of going to his class. They made a grand entrance together to class along with their teacher, who announced that a new student, Minok (Shirke’s cousin) had joined their class and they were all supposed to make him feel welcome. Both Shirke and Minok stood up then and the teacher was embarrassed that she couldn’t tell them apart and let it go.

The day started like that and throughout the day, Shirke and Minok howled with laughter at the confusion that they created. They would swap seats after every period or during the breaks and act completely innocent. When Strewp spoke to Shirke asking him for help in understanding a concept, Shirke said he was Minok. When Minok was approached, he said that he was Minok. When one of the classmates giggled to Minok, letting him into an inside joke, Minok stared at him and asked him, why he felt the need to say something about which he was aware for the past three months, thoroughly embarrassing the poor kid. The fun continued during the snack recess and the lunch break when the adults serving were confused as to why Shirke, who was an extremely picky eater, was now loading his tray with double the portion size, When they reached the playground, they were separated into different teams. However they had worked on this aspect too and when they were in the field, there was confusion among their team mates as to who they had to pass on the baton to. Chaos reigned supreme the whole day and Shirke and Minok were the only ones who were sad to see the day end. Their other classmates were quite relieved though and they couldn’t wait to get away from these identical Grajons.

Shirke and Minok reached home leisurely and were careful to contain their excitement and glee. However mothers being what they are, Lekni and Shirke’s mom, Mikala could read between the lines and knew that their kids had been up to something. A quick chat with the class teacher confirmed their suspicions. Both of them had a quiet laugh at what their kids had done post the kids bedtime. They then discussed on the best approach that they could take to ensure that the kids didn’t make this a regular practice. They however couldn’t come up with an immediate solution and decided to think some more.

In the meantime, Shirke and Minok, were re-living their day and bursting into fits of giggles until finally they heard a stern voice telling them to pipe down and sleep. They finally slept and had wonderful dreams of the fun they had and the fun they would be having the next day too……


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