Episode 13 – the strange triad

We met Megha of the mega-eye quite some time ago. Shirke was now quite comfortable with Minok – so much so that he actually thought he could share his innermost secret about having a human friend. Of course, the fact that Minok had told him about being friends with the native Zeklum species and having a special friend in particular did give him the confidence that he would not be ridiculed.

So one night, when they were both silent with their thoughts, Shirke started the conversation about how he had a friend who was totally different from them. Minok misunderstood and said “Well, of course you have. Nobody is like us – we are one of the unique Grajons around.” Shirke replied – “Well – this friend is not a Grajon and you would never able to guess.” Minok then started coming up with all sorts of wild guesses but he was nowhere near the truth. Shirke drew out the suspense as much as he could and said that he would introduce Minok to his friend post school the next day.

Minok was in a high state of anticipation and still was guessing – the guesses ranged from the vultures to the catfish and from goblins to the unicorn. He was so wrapped up in this that he did not even participate in their usual round of fun at school. Finally school was over and they were free to go. Shirke detoured and landed softly on Megha’s terrace and as was their agreed signal – gently tapped on her ceiling three times with his knuckles. They heard an answering single knock which meant that she would be along shortly.

She was there in a couple of minutes and was quite surprised to see two nearly identical Grajons when she was expecting one. However she didn’t seem to have any difficulty in identifying Shirke. “Hi ! So who is your friend?” she asked. Shirke introduced Minok and Megha to each other. It was not surprising that they got along so well. Megha was very interested in Zeklum – she had seen the planet using her telescope but didn’t know that it was inhabited.

Megha suddenly became silent and that is when Shirke realised that there was something different about her. Her eyes seemed puffed up and her face was swollen.  When questioned, she confessed that she was being bullied terribly at school because she was so nerdy. She tried to ignore but today, one of her classmates had actually pulled off her glasses and tossed them about, which had resulted in scratches on the lens and a round of sound scolding from her mother for the same. She had been weeping.

Shirke and Minok couldn’t understand how some humans could be so cruel. Their pranks were harmless as were the other Grajonic kids’ pranks. Minok came up with the idea of giving Megha’s tormentor some trouble. They took the address from Megha and told her that they wanted to pay her a visit.

Once they reached the house, they squeezed into the room and simply danced to their own music. That was enough to completely realign or misalign most of the objects in the room, including the occupant. Not having a mega-eye, they couldn’t be seen by anyone and the room occupant couldn’t even shout out. After just one song, they left as silently as they had come.

It looks like although they scared her, she didn’t make the connection between her bullying and the retribution. Maybe a couple of visits more were required before her slightly dim-witted mind connected the dots. They had a quick stopover at Megha’s house where they showed her the before and after holograms of the room before they said goodbye and left.

While Megha was secretly thrilled to have some friends who stood up for her, she was also a trifle bit sad that she had been the cause of trauma to somebody else. She was not sure if this was the right way to teach a lesson but she hugged one single thought to her while she smiled sleepily “What does it matter if I don’t have human friends? I have a couple of super-awesome Grajonic ones.”.


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