Episode 16 – gate-crashing an awesome party

We know that Grajons don’t really fly but levitate to reach their homes from assigned circles called levitation spots. We also saw how Shirke played with these spots one day. However, all Grajons are friendly with the birds in their areas. Both the Grajonic and the bird species were really considerate of each other and ensured that they did not cross each others’ paths. It would have been a disaster to both sides – even though Grajons were larger, they would have suffered injuries too. You can say this would have been something similar to a bird hit in aeroplanes – both the birds with the feathers and the metal tail suffer.

In order to avoid mishaps, there are some co-ordinators designated within both the species. It is their job to intimate each other about possible parties, events or get-togethers on each side so that the others can steer clear of the areas. It worked both ways – if the Grajons planned a get-together, the birds would be intimated and they would be sure to steer clear of the party spot and vice versa.

So, it was this time that the starlings had planned a huge party just over the lake outside town. The occasion was the special – this was the yearly bash that had been going on for ages. There was supposed to be super fun with invitations being sent out far and wide. This party saw attendance from almost all starlings across the world. The date was intimated almost three months in advance for them to mark their calendars and make their travel plans. The party was to start a little before sunset and continue post dusk.

Notice was given to the Grajon co-ordinators and passed on to the general population a week in advance. A reminder was given a day earlier too for those who had missed their earlier announcement. Shirke and Minok were asked to take a detour when they were returning from school since the party would be starting around the time they reached that spot on their way home from school.

Shirke and Minok had a really tiring day at school – they learnt such a lot of new stuff that their brains were literally bursting and buzzing. We have all had these days when we feel that we have utilised our brains to their maximum capacity and this was one of the days for both of them. The reason I am saying this is to prove that they really didn’t have any control over what happened next. They completely forgot the instructions about taking a detour and took their normal path home.

It was when they reached the lake and saw the hectic activity going on there that they realised their mistake. They were seen by the starlings and Shirke and Minok couldn’t act as if they did not see the starlings. Being polite, they said “Hello!” and tried to move past them, only to realise that they were actually going deeper into the party. The senior starlings had realised that they had a couple of uninvited guests but had graciously flown down to formally invite them to stay for the party. Shirke and Minok demurred and tried to explain that it was a mistake but the starlings insisted on having them stay.

Well, which kid would say no to a party when insisted upon? Not only was there wonderful music and dancing, bird food of the delicious but limited variety, but the starlings put on their very special show of the group dance with all of them participating – swooping down, zooming up, swelling to the left and arrowing to the right and generally having a great gala time. Human watchers who studied these bird dances (of course, they couldn’t hear the music, just see the dance) noted that there was a different pattern in the dance that day. There were a couple of empty pockets around which the starling murmurations were formed unlike in the earlier times, when there would be complete batches. It was a pity that they couldn’t see Shirke and Minok in the empty pockets matching the starlings step for step in their dance.

Completely rejuvenated and floating along on air, Shirke and Minok reached home to share yet another escapade with their family. Of course, they did get a token reprimand for not having paid attention. Mekala and Lekni used the usual mom sentence of “Why cannot you listen when I speak?”

Two good things came out of this – one was that the starlings felt that Grajons added so much fun to the party that they decided to open it from next year to the Grajons as well. With the starlings taking the initiative, other birds were not far behind. The second good thing was that now Grajons also started inviting starlings to their parties. Can you imagine how the number of parties suddenly grew exponentially and how much more fun it was?


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