Could it be?

via Daily Prompt: Tantrum

Picture the scene that I describe in words.

Streaks of lightning bursting through.

Claps of thunder scaring humans, animals and birds.

Then the pouring rain that completely soaks you.


Shift the image to the roaring, angry seas.

The waves that rise high and higher and higher still.

The storms that bring strong wind and not the gentle breeze.

The waters that swallow ships and people kill.


Now that you are in the groove of imagination.

Think of the mountains and the snow and ice.

That avalanche – the rolling mass that causes ruination.

The roar, the sound of ice breaking and everything is over in a trice.


Finally, picture the scene when the earth splinters.

After it shudders and shakes and groans and rumbles.

As if it is torn into two by gigantic hands and fingers.

The earthquake that literally everything crumbles.


This well known scene is the absolute last.

A toddler weeping and kicking and screaming and wailing.

Because she didn’t get something that she had asked.

Or because she had to be giving instead of taking.


Notice the similarities in all these scenes.

Do you think that nature is angry and giving us an ultimatum?

Because we are really hurting her using every possible means.

Do you think that this is nature throwing a tantrum?





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