Episode 30 – something new

Megha has been missing in action and it is not because Shirke suddenly found other friends to be with and other things to do. They have been meeting regularly but I have failed to document it. So, there was this time that I need to tell you about. Megha and Shirke were having their usual conversation about this and that one of these days.

So, Megha started talking about the various problems that humans have. Shirke, as usual was all ears. She started talking from a global perspective and talked about climate change and global warming. Then, she touched upon the various wars and conflicts and finally launched into personal fitness. She was passionate on this subject and so she went on and on. She told Shirke about the evolution – how humans had progressed from walking on four legs to walking on two, the discovery of fire and the wheel, the slow progress from eating raw food and living in caves to living in skyscrapers and zapping food in the microwave and zipping around in cars and aeroplanes. And then the downside of all this progress – the body that was exercised by hunting and gathering now had so many comforts that it was flooded with what were called “lifestyle diseases.”

“So did that mean that humans were about to become extinct, you know like the dinosaurs and the dodo and the woolly mammoths?” asked Shirke, all round-eyed and dismayed at that possibility. He rather liked humans (they gave him super-duper entertainment when he observed what they did – I am sure that is not a very flattering thing to say) – especially one human, Megha and did not like the idea of having them wiped off the earth. Megha was sombre when she replied – “It is not just humans – it is this entire planet. We would all be wiped out along with the earth. However there is a small group of people who are spreading awareness and looking at steps – both to preserve the earth as well as humans.”

The steps to preserve the earth looked at conserving energy and resources, planting trees, harnessing renewable sources of energy and so on and so forth. She then told him about some personal fitness trends that were gaining momentum – some serious ones like the ancient Indian yoga, pilates, cardio exercises like running – which was basically again going back to the roots of hunting for food and escaping from enemies and so on. She also mentioned the weird trends coming up like goat yoga, aqua spinning (cycling inside water) and trampoline jumping fitness. Shirke had a good laugh when he saw how ridiculous people looked while doing these activities.

Shirke came to his parents with all this information and that formed the dinner conversation that evening. His parents added to what Megha had told him and reassured him that the Grajonic race and others like them that humans didn’t know about, were also looking at ways and means to preserve the planet. However they were also looking at accommodation on other planets, in case their efforts failed and had identified eight potential planets where the entire species on earth (including humans) could be accommodated. Shirke was very relieved to hear that and told Megha too.

Most humans however have still not realised their mistakes. So the Grajonic elders had decided that they would keep this as a secret because this would further induce the human race into lethargy and apathy. Oops – did I just let that slip? I know however that you all are the good people, who are working hard at saving yourselves and the world and are not going to become complacent just because I let you into the fact that we have a backup plan in place in case the world comes to an end.

So before I let out any more secrets, I am signing out now. Until next time, then!



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