Lessons that life taught me

Well, I am sure that there are zillions of articles of the same kind but this is what I can churn up when a) I have to get back to blogging after a hiatus and b) when I am drained of any fresh ideas. So, without any further excuses, in no particular order, here are the lessons that the greatest teacher of all time, Life taught me…

  1. Do not keep a scorecard with people – Relationships are not matches where you keep tabs on favours, help rendered, assistance sought etc etc. The scores will always be skewed in different relationships – you may be the giver in some and the receiver in others and that is perfectly ok.
  2. Do not be too happy or contented – Just when you reach that dream state where everything seems to be going awesomely well and you think that you are set for life, well, know that this is the perfect moment for Life to give you a mammoth sucker punch to the gut – one that would leave you on the floor, doubled up in agony and wondering if you can ever get up again.
  3. It is best to slow down – I always wanted to get things done NOW and FAST. Life taught me that it is better to slow down, experience the small things and float along rather than make a mad dash. Sometimes the end point seems to be racing away faster when you dash. So, rather than make it to the end faster, I guess it makes sense to savour the journey instead.
  4. It is insanely hard to stop crying – The easiest thing to do is not to start crying then but that is easier said than done. Not thinking and allowing the brain to go numb does help sometimes but that is difficult too.
  5. Grief seeks company, happiness rides alone – It is extremely rare that you look for people to share your happiness or you look for people who are happier than you or you evaluate others’ happiness when you are happy. However, when you are sad, you notice that nobody seems happy and that everyone has their own share of sorrows – some more than others.
  6. Learning never stops – It is not really true that the brain dulls with age. In fact, I think the education system should be revamped – let the kids have fun till their early twenties and then when they have a handle on what they want to learn, they can choose to study that. Instead of being influenced by parents and peers, they are more likely to take independent balanced decisions and identify their likes and dislikes.
  7. Do not have any expectations – Again, easier said than done but true happiness can be achieved when you have zero expectations from friends, family and Life.
  8. Tell people what you like about them – My earlier stand used to be that people know that I care and I don’t need to explicitly state stuff in so many words but Life taught me that it is better to express what you feel and not keep anything bottled inside.
  9. Pain and grief don’t diminish with time, they grow – Contrary to the popular belief that time cures everything, the pain gets deeper, the grief gets sharper and you feel heavier and more weighted down as time rolls by.
  10. Time flies – literally. The wheels of time just go spinning so fast that sometimes you are astonished at the pace and you wonder where all that time whizzed by.
  11. Try everything – No, I am not talking about gross stuff like eating insects or some such wacky stuff but don’t allow yourself to doubt your abilities and so hold yourself back.

Well, so that is the list and that keeps growing. Maybe the second edition would come out sooner than I think. 🙂


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