Episode 31 – Shirke visits the doctor

The general public (all 3.46 of them) who actually read this blog to find out what is going on in Shirke’s life seem to be disappointed that there are no updates. I even got messages saying that Shirke was being missed. So for you, (you know who you are :-)), here is what happened some time ago. And just remember that you asked for it. 🙂

Grajons believe in eating healthy and staying fit – almost like most other creatures (other than man, of course). So the net result was that there was really no need for them to consult a doctor or dash to the nearest hospital for minor ailments. The kids were allowed to heal themselves after the myriad scrapes, cuts and bruises that were termed as the badges and stamps of childhood and adolescence. The Grajon philosophy was that if something didn’t kill you, it was meant to test your physical and mental endurance and strength and it was mostly a battle of wills between the Grajons and the disease.

This is not to say that they didn’t have doctors or large hospitals – no, not that. The hospitals and doctors were very much present but their focus was to help other species or explore other planets for life or even to manage epidemics (you know, like the one where Shirke’s cousin, Minok’s father battles against an epidemic on his planet here). Well, I guess that is enough for the background and I can get around to telling you about what actually happened with Shirke.

So, this was an annual visit that all Grajons make to the hospital. Something like a pilgrimage. Shirke was now at the age when the curiosity levels were peaking. He didn’t even remember his previous visit. So, he was all ready with his pageful of questions, handful of doubts and a receptive brain to start absorbing stuff. When he walked into the doctor’s room with his father, his first reaction was surprise – in fact, a mild sense of shock. The doctor was so young and so very pretty. According to what his parents had told him, he thought doctors would be ancient since they had to spend such a lot of time studying. He was expecting to see someone with wrinkles and grey hair (the sour expression and grim face were something that he anticipated by extrapolating) and here was this absolutely gay, young Grajon welcoming them in.

She started a conversation, asking him about his name, age, interests and school. Once she sensed that he was comfortable, she hooked him onto the aura machine and read his aura. She kept talking all the time, explaining what she was doing and how the aura helped her identify if things were ok or not. She also mentioned how they were taught to read auras in medical school and how she would progress from a machine to using her eyes in a few years time. She marked him healthy on the aura scale. She then showed him another machine that looked like a sophisticated helmet and made him wear it. This machine scanned his thoughts, ideas, memories and knowledge – to identify if he was progressing as expected. The various colours on the charts indicated the strengths and the processes that went into his thinking, knowledge etc. Again, Shirke fared pretty well – actually to the surprise of his father. You know how parents always underestimate their children – well, I am happy to share that there is no difference in the Grajonic world on that count too. The final test that Shirke underwent involved him having to do multiple tasks – some in parallel and some in succession. This was a quick check of his physical and mental faculties. The logical problem-solver that Shirke was, he absolutely loved this challenge and aced it.

The whole process took about an hour but Shirke and the doctor spent a couple more discussing the results and the alternate ways of measurement. Finally, Shirke’s dad put a gentle end to the dialogue and after thanking the doctor for her cooperation, they levitated home to share the day’s events with Shirke’s mother. Sigh! How wonderful would it be if humans also could look forward to hospital visits instead of dreading them! Well, of course we are evolving and we may get a little help from Grajons and get there sooner than we think…..


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