Episode 35 – The master artists

Maestro – maven – virtuoso – by whatever name you call them. They are the select few who are the absolute best at what they do. They are the maverick geniuses who unravel the secrets of the universe, who transport us outside and within ourselves by their expositions of music, art and dance, who make us weep and laugh, who make us wonder and sigh. Well, I guess you understand what I wanted to convey. 🙂

So, where does Shirke come in this mixture? Do you think we have a genius hidden amongst us and I didn’t let it out so long. Well, sorry to disappoint you but Shirke was a very normal Grajon. This is a small tale about his interaction with some geniuses and what came out of it. So, it was that Shirke’s mother wanted to learn to paint. She just decided one day that this was one skill that she had particularly admired, when she was very young and somehow, between learning this and doing that, she had never picked it up. So, then she decided that she would learn now.

Now, Shirke’s mother was one of those intense, focussed individuals who don’t do anything half measures. She immediately started a survey on the different artists – who would be apt to teach her, shortlisted some of them, identified what exactly she wants to learn (nature) and which medium (pastels). She then interviewed with the artists and managed to convince one of them to take her on as his student. Well, then, she took a leave of absence from her work to pursue her passion.

Shirke and his dad were silent spectators till this part of the goings-on. It was when Shirke’s mother set up a small studio in their house that their lives changed. They had to be silent and tiptoe around the house when the artistic streak hit her and when she had her teacher over and she could not be disturbed, They had to shoulder her responsibilities – to relieve her of un-necessary stress. Worst of all, they had to control their urge to howl with laughter when she came out of her studio with her hair askew, paints dabbed all over her dress and person with a spotless apron.

This day was like any other – the teacher was in the studio with Shirke’s mother and the house was supposed to be silent. It would have been better if nobody had breathed but Shirke’s mother was not so cruel. Shirke didn’t want to be restricted. So, he decided to step out and see what the world was upto. He just floated around lazily and noticed what was happening around. It was dusk and he saw humans as one huge mass of humanity moving from one place to another, he knew they were all going home from their offices. He then observed the birds – they were all safe and snug in their nests except the few stragglers who were on their way back, The animals had all settled down except the nocturnal ones who were raring to go – stretching themselves for a night of hunting and activity.

Since he was in this highly sensitised and aware mood, he observed the smooth movement of the giant brushes at work on the horizon. He reached there with intensity and purpose and got the biggest surprise of his life. There was frantic activity going on in the horizon – a group of artists were handing gigantic palettes and were painting the sky with the bright oranges and deep blues and blacks. They were talking and laughing and having a good time in general. Looking closely, he realised that this was the sunset.

Of course he spoke to them – they told him that they were employed by the Almighty to paint the sky during dusk. There was another team that worked in the morning. Their positions were changed everyday and their palettes were changed too – which is why they could never replicate what they had done any day previously. He asked them if he could borrow some paints – they refused gently saying that God gave them limited paints everyday and hence the paints were unique and not available elsewhere. Which was also why every sunset was unique and could never be replicated.

Shirke charmed them into being allowed to visit whenever he felt like. He also wrangled an invitation from them to visit the morning sunrise painters. He left for his house, when the moon rose up and the clouds started turning inky and dark. So, the next day, he took his mother as a surprise and shows her how the great artists work. This was an eye opener and soon life got back to normal in this particular Grajonic household. Shirke’s father has promised him a special treat for bringing peace back home. Now, we can just leave Shirke to think about what he can ask for!


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