When Mr. Sun was bored…

Mr. Sun was bored. It had been ages that he had been performing his duties and now the fun had slowly leached out of it. The job description had sounded like so much fun when he had been bored earlier and was looking for some opportunity. Most of you know the stuff – right? The requirement was for someone to be the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy, have eight or nine planets and dozen of dwarf planets and hundreds of comets around it and hold them all together with gravity, exude heat and sustain all life in the planets, give heat and light etc etc. Get the point?

So of course, he liked the description, had applied and had been one among the millions who had. After an initial screening by the board comprising of a round table of angels and demi-gods, he had the final round with God himself. He remembered the sense of pride and satisfaction he felt, when he learnt that he had aced the interview. Not to mention the tiny sense of smugness and cheap thrill he felt, when he saw the other applicants being turned away to manage distant, less glamorous galaxies.

The first phase of his job, rightly referred to as the honeymoon phase for any job, was really great for Mr. Sun too. He did his duties diligently, turned up the heat and light and set about making himself huge and luminous by using up the Hydrogen fuel in his core. Then he helped God with the Big Bang and created the Universe. He thought of the Milky Way as his babies – he had literally watched it being birthed and then undergo metamorphosis from swirling dust clouds to the defined land forms. He had especially watched the life take form in his favorite child, Earth and indulgently watched it’s weaker sibling, Mars try to match it. Then, literally nothing. All he had to do was do a sort of shimmying dance around himself – they called it rotation on Earth but he was the artistic sort and so decided that dancing was what he would call it. He did that quite gracefully such that it appeared that the times appeared different when observed from the Earth’s equator (25 days) or the poles (35 days).

But that was then. Now, he was just bored. Who would like to keep doing whatever they have been dong for ages (err – about 4.5 billion years can be termed ages – right?). It seemed to him that there was just no challenge in his life any more. While he did like shimmying, he felt that his talents were stagnating. He was tired of playing hide and seek with the Earth and the Moon too (eclipses – you know). He thought about something else that he could do to pep up his life but failed to come up with something. So, of course, there was nothing else to do but raise a case with his manager.

The demi-god he reported to, didn’t interrupt his harangue even once and heard him out patiently. Although he was itching to burst into belly-shaking laughter, he did not allow a hint of his mirth to come on his face. After Mr. Sun finished his complaints, he asked – “Well, I understand where you are coming from. But tell me honestly, have you really thought about all the options that you can exercise to make your workday more fun, before coming to me?” Mr. Sun indignantly replied – “Of course, I have – in fact that is why I delayed coming to you for the past two millennia – because I was thinking if there was something I can do. My life has become so predictable now that people are noting down sunrise, sunset, eclipse times for hundreds of years down the line.” The manager smiled and said – “Well, then let me give you a hint. Two words – solar winds. Go on now – get busy. Thank you.”

Mr. Sun thanked his boss and rolled away, cursing himself for missing this very vital fun sign that he had. Now, that he had his boss’s permission, he plays with the steady stream of charged particles that he emits, called the solar wind when he is terribly bored and creates the wonderful works of art in the poles called Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis – (northern and southern lights). He literally sketches jaw-dropping sketches on the night sky in the poles. I told you he was an artist, didn’t I? When he is in the mischievous mood, he plays around with radio waves or power lines and messes with them.

I guess, this is a small price to pay for his job satisfaction. Because, although he is the only sun we know, I think he is absolutely the best sun that we can have!


2 thoughts on “When Mr. Sun was bored…

  1. A Rao

    Ask Mr Sun to call me….could give him several tasks to complete – but hey ! no promise there that they would give him a break from boredom……

    Liked by 1 person


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